If you haven’t already noticed, we have been introducing some tips, tricks, and checklists for those of you who are thinking about adding a furry, four-legged companion to your family this year. Now, it’s time to help you choose the breed that’s just right for you and your family! Over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out articles on the 10 most popular breeds – with perhaps a few bonus breeds, too! – for 2018.


It’s important to note this is not a definitive ranking, but rather a collection of what we think will be the 10 most popular breeds of 2018 and how they might fit with your family! If you want to see the rankings for the 10 most popular breeds of 2017 and years past, you can find them here at AKC.org! (Note: the AKC bases its rankings on breed registration data.)


Without further ado, here are the 10 breeds we think will be most popular in 2018:

Golden Retriever



(Standard, Miniature, and Toy)






German Shepherd


Labrador Retriever


English Bulldog


Yorkshire Terrier








French bulldog

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