You didn’t think we would honestly put together unique, one-of-a-kind gift guides for pets and pet-lovers without including your favorite furry companions of the feline variety, did you? Below, you will find an array of gifts that are unique and full of personality, just like your beloved feline family members!


Whale, your cat should have a jolly good time aboard this seafaring scratch board! And the best part, it’s in a fun, stylish shape that won’t clash horribly with your home decor.
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For your cat-obsessed friend or family member with boho chic sensibilities, this stylish and classic VW pet carrier is the perfect gift to show them how well you know them and their unwavering affection for their cat! And what cool cat wouldn’t love a timeless classic to travel around in?
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Perhaps you are a huge Herman Melville fan. Or maybe you just have a whimsical sense of humor. Either way, your cat will not be disappointed by this quirky, yet adorable cat bed that can double as nautical-themed play toy. Handmade in Washington, this bed is sure to give your room just the right oceanic flare without detracting from the room’s design or your cat’s playtime!
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We can never be sure what is going through our cats’ minds, but a little help with the future can never hurt. Not only are these felt and fleece fortune cookies filled with farm fresh organic catnip direct from California, each one is handmade and comes with a unique cat-themed fortune. So reward your cat this Christmas with something that is as fun as it is one-of-a-kind.
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We all love to pamper our cats, and most of the time, they love nothing more than being big purr balls and lounging around for hours at a time. But that doesn’t mean they don’t tap into those ancestral animal instincts every now and then. This veterinarian-designed feeding system is meant to give your cat a more instinctual feeding experience. Just scoop some food into the dispenser, hide it, and watch your cat simulate natural, instinctual hunting and eating patterns!
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