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“When I opened My Pet’s Animal Hospital, I wanted to work in a place where we delivered veterinary care in a manner that I would want for my own pets. In order to do that, one has to always maintain the pet parent’s perspective. One has to make people feel welcome when they come in. And one has to deliver quality veterinary care.” – Sam Meisler DVM, founder and owner

Our Mission


Pets provide our lives with much joy, intrigue, humor, protection, and comfort.

My Pet’s Animal Hospital is a compassionate, honest, and educated team of professionals with clean, well-equipped facilities to serve our pet parents with the latest information and to serve their pets with the best possible animal care always.

We believe that we can achieve this in a patient-focused, friendly and fun environment.

Our purpose is to celebrate and enhance the human-animal bond.

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At My Pet’s Animal Hospital, the loyalty and trust that our clients have for us means everything.

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Our Veterinarians

Dr. Ellen Yungmeyer
Dr. Ellen Yungmeyer
Associate Veterinarian

After majoring in biology and being a member of the equestrian team at Sewannee: The University of the South, Dr. Ellen studied veterinary medicine at the University of Tennessee.

Dr. Sam Meisler
Dr. Sam Meisler
Associate Veterinarian

After acquiring his pre-requisites for veterinary school at CalPoly Pomona, Sam went on to the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine graduating with honors in 1991.

Dr. Kathy Stidham
Dr. Kathy Stidham
Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Kathy is a graduate of Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Latest News

Feline Inappropriate Elimination
Feline Inappropriate Elimination

One of the most common reasons cats lose their homes is because they urinate and defecate outside their litter box. This condition is called feline inappropriate elimination or FIE. A cat’s litter box problem may be related to an underlying medical condition or an aversion to their litter box. It is important to determine the cause of a cat’s issues.…

Myth Number 3:  Training
Myth Number 3: Training

Training pets is hard. There are many misconceptions about the best way to train and socialize puppies. Myths regarding puppy socialization, rewarding good behavior, and punishing bad behavior are quite common. Let’s take a look at each of these topics to determine what is accurate and most effective. Socialization  Socializing puppies is important for many reasons. Socialization helps puppies to…

Dog and Cat Behavior Myth Number 2
Dog and Cat Behavior Myth Number 2

Reading an animal’s body language is difficult. In fact, this ability is one of the most important skills a pet owner or veterinarian possesses. However, an animal’s body language is often misinterpreted and misunderstood. When human beings meet a stranger, handshakes are often exchanged. Affection between humans is often expressed through physical contact. Dogs and cats cannot communicate in this…

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